Services We Provide
                           Charlotte County AMVETS Post 1999 is based at
                            The Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans Home
                                              21281 Grayton Terrace
                                             Port Charlotte, FL 33954
                                               Phone: (941) 613-0919

Unlike many AMVETS Post with dining and club-like environments, AMVETS Post 1999 felt that we would be
better able to serve many of our local veterans if we settled at The Douglas T. Jacobson State Veterans
Home. This veterans nursing home is a 120 bed state-of-the-art assisted-living facility which provides both
skilled and dementia nursing care to its veteran residents.
The home resembles a small village with the resident’s wings opening off a central hub-like section. This area
serves as the “Main Street” of the home, accommodating a library with Internet accessible computers and an
extensive collection of books, a formal dining room, barber shop, and snack machines. An assortment of
state-of-the-art televisions can be found in Day Rooms and recreation areas throughout the facility. An
outside court yard with gardens, and extensive screened lanai areas, afford the residents a tranquil
environment to spend time with visiting family and friends, or fellow residents. With the support of
the Doug Jacobson Residents Fund, Charlotte County's AMVETS Post 1999 and local veteran organizations,
the staff and residents alike enjoy tremendous support and a remarkable friendship from the neighboring

The Veterans Home Features:

•        Beautifully decorated interiors and furnishings
•        120 beds-private and semi-private rooms.
•        Large, comfortable day rooms with big screen cable TV
•        Spacious activity room with pool table and other resident activities  
•        Rehabilitation room for residents receiving therapy
•        2 wheelchair accessible multi-passenger vans for outings
•        Cable and telephone access in each room
•        Veterans affairs office in the facility

The Services Include:

•        24 Hour Nursing Services
•        I.V. Therapy
•        Pain Management
•        Oxygen Therapy
•        Physical Therapy
•        Occupational Therapy

Additional Services Available are:

•        Dietetic Programming & Nourishment Care
•        Activity Programming
•        Religious Services
•        Laundry Services
•        Barber Shop Services
•        Pharmacy Services
•        Volunteer Services

When traveling down Veterans Blvd.
Turn onto Harbor Blvd.                                             
Take first right onto Bachman Blvd.                                                
Travel approximately ¼ mile and turn left onto Jacobson Way.      
The veterans home is straight ahead 100 yards
Location of AMVETS Post 1999
Iwo Jima is often remembered for the photograph of five marines and a Navy combat medic
raising the American flag over Mount Suribachi on Feb. 23, 1945. But the carnage on Iwo
Jima, an eight-square-mile speck of volcanic ash, continued for 31 more days in what Lt.
Gen. Holland M. Smith, the top Marine commander in the Pacific theater, would call "the
most savage and the most costly battle in the history of the Marine Corps."

Private Jacobson, assigned to the Fourth Marine Division, had come ashore on Feb. 19 in an
invasion by 75,000 marines ordered to seize Iwo Jima, which had immense strategic value.

Three days after the flag-raising, Private Jacobson, a 19-year-old from Long Island, carried
out one of the war's most extraordinary feats in the assault on Hill 382, the highest point on
northern Iwo Jima, at a sector so violent it was called "the meat grinder."

When the advance of Private Jacobson's platoon was halted on the hill, he grabbed a
bazooka and a satchel of explosives from a fallen marine. The bazooka was designed to be
wielded by two men, but he carried it alone. First, he destroyed a 20-millimeter aircraft gun
and wiped out its crew. Then he knocked out two machine-gun positions, two large
blockhouses and seven rifle emplacements. After that, he destroyed a tank and continued
his attack on blockhouses.

When Private Jacobson had finished his foray, 16 enemy fortifications had been destroyed,
and hundreds of enemy soldiers had been killed. But it would take four more days before Hill 382
was captured. On Oct. 5, 1945, Private Jacobson received the Medal of Honor from
President Harry S. Truman.

"I don't know how I did it," he said later. "I had one thing in mind - getting off that hill."

Douglas Thomas Jacobson was born in Rochester, N.Y., and raised in Port Washington on
Long Island, the son of a carpenter. He left high school at age 17 to join the Marines and
fought on Roi, Nemur, Tinian and Saipan before the Iwo Jima invasion.

He re-enlisted in the Marines in April 1946, graduated from officer candidate school after
serving in China, saw duty aboard helicopters in the Vietnam War and rose to the rank of

After retiring from the military, Major Jacobson lived in Marlton, N.J., and Willingboro, N.J.,
and sold real estate. He moved to Florida in 1987.

On the 40th anniversary, he had spoken at the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San
Bruno, Calif. He reflected on a 36-day battle in which almost 7,000 marines died and all but
1,000 Japanese defenders were killed.

On the 50th anniversary of the Iwo Jima battle, Major Jacobson joined President Clinton
and other Medal of Honor recipients in ceremonies at the Marine Corps Memorial.

Douglas T. Jacobson retired from the United States Marine Corps as a Major after serving his country  for 27 years.
Historical Legacy of AMVETS Post 1999 and the home of our post

 If you are interested in seeing the original Medal of Honor award bestowed on PFC.     
Jacobson by President Truman, and looking at all the vast assortment of awards earned
by him through his 27 years of service to our country, please contact us and join us for
one of our meetings. I can be notified at